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I empower moms knee-deep in chaos to
take control of their overwhelm and
navigate a holistic life with confidence. 


Meet Kara

Cruiseship Kara CLEAN.jpeg


I am an empowered mom, navigating the whirlwind of life with a toddler by my side.


Amidst the chaos, I have discovered the transformative power of a daily routine that nurtures my holistic health.


Through this journey, I have found confidence and a renewed sense of self, allowing me to embrace my role as a mom and a kickass woman
with grace and authenticity.

Leaving behind the path of chaos and walking along the path to confidence, calm, and clarity can be like stumbling upon a serene and scenic view after a long and exhausting journey.


As a mom with a toddler, navigating through the challenges of everyday life can be overwhelming.


With my guidance, we'll explore new holistic routines and rituals to help you regain control of your life.


Together, we'll cultivate a space where you can confidently care for yourself and your family while discovering your passions, purpose, and potential.


As a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and a Certified Master Health Coach, I'll provide the tools, support, and community you need to achieve balance in your life and attain true satisfaction.


You deserve to look and feel your best, so let's take the first step on this journey to a more fulfilling life today!

I've organized Holistic Health into these seven Milestones that we can fine-tune together:


1. Lifestyle

2. Physical Activity

3. Nutrition

4. Mindfulness

5. Radiance

6. Caregiving (including self-care)

7. Travel

Mother and a Child

To reach your potential, you'll need to be consistent.
To be consistent, you'll need guidance.

Romantic Couple

Lose weight, build strength, have energy.


I always start with your needs and goals. Then we’ll work together to develop a plan to help you eat, move, and live better—in a way that works for your body, and your life.

Hikers High Five

Get the support you need, every step of the way.


I’ll remove all the guesswork and provide the accountability, direction, and support you need to stay consistent, no matter what life throws at you.
We’re in this together.

Wet Cat

Achieve your goals,
even when life gets crazy.


I’ll break your big goals into small daily practices that add up to massive changes. As a result, you’ll progress toward your goals without ever feeling overwhelmed, and build habits that last a lifetime.

Woman in Underwear

Health benefits
inside and out.


My science-based coaching method does more than just teach you how to eat better. In the end, it won’t be just about what you lose, but what you’ll gain: knowledge, control, and the confidence that comes with knowing you’re capable of anything.

Sunset Yoga

No more weird diets or unrealistic workouts.


You don’t have to go to extremes to get amazing results. I’ll help you achieve your goals without flipping your life upside down. Your daily activities are created together so you're fully confident and excited to achieve them. 


Coaching done right.


I will create a personalized plan that’s tailored specifically to your goals, needs, and preferences. And it just works. Why? Because I am committed to helping you live the life you want.

"Dr. Kara's holistic approach is fantastic. She truly cares about overall health. She helped me address root causes for issues and offered a variety of options to promote healing. I highly recommend her practice, and I can't wait to follow her more along her travels." 

Crystal, NC

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